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i'm a 26 year old female, a nurse, and a bit of a hippie i guess, and i recently noticed some smallish but horribly itchy bumps right on the right side of the opening of my vagina... so i had them checked at the doctor and she said they could either be skin tags or genital warts, which didn't tell me much. she did a freezing on them, but truth be told it didn't really do anything, though she had warned it would likely take a few visits to completely get rid of whatever it was.

in my youth i had horrible plantar warts on my feet, and it always took so long to get rid of them.

anyways, since i'm impatient i found this site and began the apple cider vinegar method (that shit cures everything i swear), and i just wadded up some toilet paper and soaked it with acv and held ti against the area - it burns like absolute stinging hell, but its worth it. i had it there for about an hour, and then because my pussy felt a bit fried i decided to leave it for a couple days and i alternated with tea tree oil. just wiping it on with qtips whenever i'm in the bathroom. it tingles, but its a good tingle!

i've also been taking echinacea, garlic pills, vitamin e, iron, and vitamin c, and i've been downing those vitamin water 10cal drinks, and i've seen quite a bit of improvement!

the small warts fell off in the bath this morning, and the 2 larger ones are now the size of the small ones.

i remember once my doctor explained to me that warts are like unwanted company.. as long as you keep feeding them they're gonna stick around, so what you need to do is make your body as inhospitable as possible for them... keep your body healthy, get some exercise, quit your damn smoking because it's bad as hell for you, and most importantly - chill the fuck out.

yes we have warts. yes they're gross as hell, but really what's freaking out going to do? it's going to trigger stress which is then going to trigger more warts or make your existing warts even bigger.

try to be nice to yourself and ladies - realize this.. i'm by no means a slut, and i got this from another GIRL. it can happen to anyone and it just happens. my doc said she treats it all the time and she doesn't feel it's a big deal. she also recommended against the gardasil vaccine, because of the whacko side effects (and also possibly because a girl here in my town ended up in a wheelchair because of it.. she's 14.. and call me nuts but i'd rather have some warts on my shit than be in a wheelchair unable to move my legs).

thanks to everyone for writing in this topic. it really helped me.
i will update as i learn more.

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I could not have said it better! and by me reading made me feel SO much better lol cause your absoultly right! Things could be sooo much worse! We just gotta keep on keepin on


I like your advice on staying calm because as I've researched it, HPV is common. It is a common infection though one that is very asymptomatic and thereby having no presence (HPV infected but no appearance of warts). So, I don't say you're a nurse but you write like a hillbilly so I'm not inclined to take your home brew advice. Plus, as stated above: WARNING: This home remedies site is intended to be archival in nature. The natural remedies here are submitted by numerous people from around the world, and we have no way to test or verify every remedy. As such these home remedies should be used for academic purposes only. Never use any home remedy or other self treatment without being advised to do so by a physician.


Vinegar is perfect. I'm not a doctor or a nurse but I do like to go all natural with my medicine. Vinegar helps restore the pH balance down there. It also works great for yeast infections. The vitamins recommended are also great for you so for whoever it was that commented above...try her advice. But do the vinegar at night cuz it can have a strong scent and you dont want to walk around all day smelling like it. TRUST ME...lesson learned. lol.


Iv heard a few people say that the ACV either caused more to pop up or made the existing ones worse. Iv been doin the vit/min regimen only for a few days...but Im a little scared to try the ACV cause I dont wanna make it worse or make more pop up. Is there a certain strength or kind that you should use??


my apologies for sounding like a 'hillbilly'. i am a nurse and i work in long term care, so you can believe me, or call me a liar or whatever you like.. but i'm writing this in my attempt to help others in the same shitty boat.

i've just been to my doc for a second round of freezing and between that and the acv all my warts save one have fallen off.

as far as acv goes - go easy on the stuff. i definetly burned my vaginal area quite considerably after only two rounds with it, so thats healing as we speak.

and acv doesn't make warts worse, or bring more to the surface, it will however show you where you have more warts that perhaps havent formed into full sized tangible lumps yet - everything starts small and after you apply acv you can see small white areas where more warts are lurking waiting to come to the surface.

but seriously - don't overdo it. your pussy will not be happy. go easy on it and don't end up with bad burns and you'll be happier for it.

and for anyone who's afraid of the freezing treatment but willing to put acv on their junk - truth be told, the acv hurts WAY more. the freezing is just uncomfortable for a few seconds, but it wasn't so bad to incapacitate me.. i walked home from my doctors appointment.

i also recommend oil of oregano. its a big immune system booster. three drops under the tongue with some water.. it tastes absolutely horrible, but you feel great after even a couple of days of taking it. i've heard you can apply it directly to the warts but i havent tried this.

keep on keeping on.

your friendly hillbilly.


oh also in case anyone was wondering - if you have dandruff, apple cider vinegar on the scalp will cure it! just mix it with some water and let it soak in and then wash off, and you should be dandruff free relatively quickly.

i also was told drinking small amount of apple cider vinegar can help prevent against gallstones if you're a female?

like i said in my first post, that shit cures EVERYTHING.

but like someone else said - soak yourself in the vinegar in the evenings, because you don't wanna smell like a wine-o all day..

also, a good thing to take a break on with acv is banana peel. just pop the fleshy against your junk for a while as you watch a movie, or are reading, and the enzymes help speed the healing process.

ALSO - a dermatologist i know recommend using green tea bags and pressing them against the area as apparently he's seen improvement that way.
i've never tried this, i'm just relaying some advice.

as always,
your friendly hippie hillbilly.


I have two warts on the outer layer on my penis i've tried almost everything over the counter but nothing works. What do you think I should do now?


Iv been taking Beta Glucan, 4,000mg of vit C, Garlic, and b-complex, along with a multi and mine r starting to go away. I did the burning off with the acid stuff about 3 months ago my GYN used but it didnt make um go away completely, I didnt have any itching or burning...they dont bother me but the bumps r still there...the vit/min reg seems to be takin care of it. If they are still there in a month Im gonna try the acv.


Nurse;;Sorry but I didn't know what to say..if you can contact me directly to inform me on how to do it step by step p,ease do so..I'm dying for help..


As a female how are you able to handle the pain from ACV ?

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