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I rencently found out that I had HPV a month ago and have been SOO stressed out since. I felt like my life was over (well, sex life anyway). My Gyno used the acid method and treated it (I had two little ones)but they didnt really go away, they stoped itching and dont bother me but they are still there. Its seems like its all I think about and Im really glad I found this site cause it has helped me a lot. Im going to start the vits/minerals and see if that works. Im a little scared to try the apple cider vinger as some people had said it made it worse or made more pop up so for now Im gonna just try the vit/min regimen, Ill keep yas posted.
Also, Iv noticed that people keep saying NO booze and NO coffee. I understand the NO booze part cause it lowers the immune system, but why no coffee? Iv never heard that coffee lowers the immune system. Infact, I read that recent research showed that drinking coffee helps prevent certain kinds of skin cancer so it would lead me to beilive that it would help the immune system. Any thoughts on this??

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Just thought Id post an update....Iv been taking two Alive multi-vits, 4,000mg of vit C, 2 500mg of garlic, 2 100mg of Beta Glucan (on an empty stomach in the am) and 2 150mg of a b-complex, and I also take a probiotic( which is good for immune health...but Iv always taken this)and its seems to be working quite well...Iv been doing this for about 2 weeks and the two bumps that I have r almost gone. Its all about Immune Support...since this is a virus r immune system can get rid of this all together so the key is boosting the immune system as much as possible.


Because coffee raises cortisol and cortisol dampens immune response (which is a very good thing under certain circumstances, i.e. high-stress situations, autoimmune diseases, allergies, arthritis, etc) but which overused throughout the day can prevent healing. Try to keep coffee intake to the morning and drink black tea if possible during the rest of the day (black tea causes your body to drop cortisol levels faster post-stress; the mechanisms not really well understood).

God bless

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