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This is usually caused by small worms that develope through playing outside. Simply take a snippet of the childs hair and shred it into a glass of milk, water, juice, etc then have them drink it. Because hair doesn't digest, the hair literally slices the worms and then they are pooped out. The works well with mild constipation of children too.

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no offense but it ain't the 1940's now!!!!!And what if your child had lice?you'd never know what will happen!!!!


I can't stop laughing!!! Seriously drinking hair!!! Someone needs counseling!!! Warped!!!


Hey dont knock it till ya try it! ( but ask your doctor if its ok to try first!)


I think what was ment by a 'snippit' was clip the ends of the hair (so that each piece is no longer then a centimeter) then stir it up in a drink. The child will not notice the hair, nor will the hair get caught on anything and become a danger.

but an easier way is to use food grade diatomaceous earth (make sure it is food grade because anything else has extra stuff in it that can be deadly) sprinkle some of that in their drink over several days and it will shread the worms. (Safe for humans because it works on a microscopic level) use the stuff often and never worry about worms again. Also good for deworming animals. Keeps out bugs, kills fleas... it shreads the little buggers exoskeleton and they dehydrate to death.


Id try it. And this is a remedy page correct? Quit harping.



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