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miss relieved

I had a really bad yeast infection for about 2weeks tried over the counter Med and nothing worked I was already to the point where it just felt raw I tried this remedy that told me to use a douche bottle fill it half with water and half with peroxide then to follow by filling the bottle with water rinsing 4 to 5 times next you use plain yogurt the applicator will be fr a tampon I was surprised that within a few hours the redness went away and I feel a lot better and it was cheap too

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natural remedies are fine, provided that you are sure you have yeast infection, however in most cases natural remedies have been known to cause more problems than solutions, you can read this article [] for yourself to see why


I struggled with yeast infections and BV (bacterial vaginosis) for 3 years. I starting seeing a gynecologist, trying prescriptions such as antibiotics, inserts and creams but that did not fix it.

I bought pro-biotic supplements and started eating yogurt but it only helped a little. It did not cure it. Yogurt is good bacteria and your body needs it. You have good bacteria in your mouth, your intestines, your vagina...

I was suffering badly enough to try it. So I bought the most comfortable looking turkey baster and put plain yogurt in my vagina at bed time for a couple days and wore pads. I had instant relief but I continued for a week to make sure it wouldn't come back.

Yes, it's a little messy and sounds gross but it completely cured it. I'm now odor free, itch free and pain free. I promise you IT WORKS!

PS I'm certain that I got the BV and yeast infections from taking antibiotics. So now if I must take antibiotics, I also take 9 billion pro-biotic supplements and eat yogurt while taking the antibiotics and after for at minimum a week. Also, at the first sign of any odor or discomfort, I will take the supplements and/or insert yogurt vaginally.

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