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Barry Miller

Ingrown toenails? Had them for 35 years. Now I use a Dremel tool, with the smallest bur bit you can get, to gently cut a line down the side of the nail - going as low as comfortably possible. The cut doesn't have to go completely through the nail to the skin. The bur generates heat, so you will feel when you have cut deep enough. Once you have cut as low as you like, try to cut outward to separate the cut portion from the nail bed. Once this is done, use needle nose tweezers, pliers, or whatever you have, to pull the cut portion out. It might take some digging, and you need a strong grip. CAUTION: Use lots of alcohol, and make sure everything is CLEAN! Be very careful with the Dremel tool. If you slip, you could cut yourself. This procedure usually causes very little bleeding, pain, or swelling. If done right, which it isn't difficult, there is instant relief - and it lasts approximately 2 months before the nail grows to the point of needing it again.

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Put a dremel to your toenail? Seriously? I hope people are smart enough not to follow this advice.


Thank you so much for posting this tip. I read it a few months ago and I was skeptical, so I wasted a bunch more time and money on other remedies. Finally in desperation I tried my Dremel and the burr tool just as you suggested and it worked beautifully. I must admit I almost did not go through with it because approaching my very sore toe with the very fast rotating tip did not seem like a smart idea, but I went ahead and it turned out perfect, and it did not hurt at all. My toe is completely healed now, so again thanks so much for posting this, I never would have thought to do this on my own.


Absolutely terrible idea, the reason you have a chronic issue is precisely because your doing this...


As a license manicurist for 30 years that is the worst idea you can give to someone. Very dangerous and you can cause more damage and infection. Very bad I idea.


I am sitting alone in some pain and reading up on hangnails.This is so funny,the person who wrote this should have job in the comedy.I laughed out loud 2 times while reading this.Seriously fantastic stuff a Dremml power tool.Great really great.Do not actually use a power tool on your toe.But if ya do video tape it and send it to Tosh.0.

Big toe pain Sux

REally? I have suffered on and off for more than 25 years. I have tried every thing from home remedies and doctor visits. Nothing has worked for a lifetime cure. From numbing and cutting wedges(Doctors stupid idea, very painful and long term recovery to back to the point i was before i saw him.) To another doctor.... Acid burn to eat nail and disable the nail from growing back in that area( Another stupid idea... Even longer term recovery to get back the same point i was before the other visits) In the end i have determined that i was a foolish child that picked at my nails and they decided where they wanted to grow and went there. I believe soaking in various solutions can help soften the area to reduce the pain of it growing through, but it is best to let it do its thing, bare with whatever pain you have to. Keep it clean, then dry, then apply ointment, and repeated twice a day for as long as it takes for everything to settle down. Post care: Do not over cut your nail, Do not under cut your nail, and pay attention for small flare ups, treat it when ya see it start to prevent major relapse...


A Dremel Engraving tool with a 7134 Diamond Point is ideal for removing deep ingrown toenails. Don't use the rotary tool with this method. Use the Dremel Electric Engraver Tool or a similar engraving tool. The goal is to grind down the deep ingrown toenail with hardly any pain or blood. Maintain an angle of about 45 degrees as you work your way down from the tip of your toe back towards the root. The goal is to grind away the part of the nail that is deeply ingrown. Wear a dust mask. You may want ear plugs too. This is tedious. It will take more than one session. It may take hours just to do one deep ingrown toenail. Soak before using the Dremel tool. Do this over a period of days if the toenail is ingrown deeply. Get someone else to do this if possible because using a power tool on your own toenail is uncomfortable, tiring, and dangerous. Use other methods of sterilizing if necessary for fungal infection or other infection. Relief should start after you soak your feet once a section of the ingrown nail is removed. You may also use the side of the Dremel bit to shave down the nail if it is hard and uneven, but a buffing tool would be better for that. Do NOT poke into your skin or you may get a drop of blood. This is mostly painless, but it is a shock to have a lot of work done on your feet, so having someone else do it is better so you can just endure it. A week after removing the ingrown part of the nail you should see the deep gorge push up. Use the bit to shave back infected skin, but only the old, hard skin and nail fragments that may not have been removed earlier. A steady motion is safer than a fast motion. Try to be precise. Have good lighting and a fan to blow away the nail dust or wear a face mask. A podiatrist may suggest medications if you accidentally damage your nail or foot. Above all have extreme patience. Once you get the ingrown toenail out you will feel great relief. In most cases it is only the big toes that get severe ingrown conditions, but other toes may also become malformed if they are infected or naturally tend to become ingrown. Use this method to clean the nails and use other methods to keep this condition from returning.

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