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I woke up in the middle of the night in extreme pain. The Orajel I applied before going to bed had clearly worn off as did the Advil. I added more Orajel but the pain wouldn't subside so I went online looking for home remedies b/c it was the middle of the night on a weekend and I'm not eligible for insurance until Dec anyway so no other dental recourse. I tried several of the suggestions like the tea bag, rinsing with salt water which I'd been doing anyway, rinsing with vinegar, dabbing pure extract on the locale (I don't think the flavor actually matters but I used peppermint), they all worked in various degrees but relief never lasted longer than 20 minutes with any of them. Then I tried rubbing cayenne pepper on my gums and it immediately numbed the area but in a completely different way from any of the other methods to the point where I knew that this was it. It didn't burn unlike the extract and it didn't taste icky like the rinses and Orajel, and I didn't even use that much b/c I didn't want too much of that grounded powder texture moving around to other areas of my mouth or the back of my throat. 2 1/2 hours later and there is no pain. I can't even describe what I feel as discomfort but I do have some feeling in the area, I don't want to lie about that. I've also noticed that the inflammation in the area has gone down. I'm still heading out to buy the garlic for its antibiotic properties, Sensodyne which I used for several years but then switched (dumb idea) and the clove oil but cayenne pepper is doing an amazing job. I'll probably make a paste out of the clove oil and pepper so it rubs on better. I've tried everything and this is what worked best for me and I can't recommend it highly enough for the long lasting relief. Good luck to you all in finding your pain relief.

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thank you very much, it realy worked for me. i had terible pain and i was siping water for whole day as a sip was giving me 5 sec relif. but after using this i have not siped for last 10 min. it took 5 min to numb but now im all free... thank u so much and bless u :)


I am having extreme pain on a couple of my back teeth and have no insurance. I am looking for anyway to make it stop hurting. If anyone has any ideas i would appreciate it.




Great remedy. Worked for me & was instant relief. Elaine


Burn lik Hell...But didn't work fa me!!!!

Smiling in texas

The cayenne pepper is magic! I have been in pain for two days and trying to hang on until my dentist appt. tomorrow. Advil was not helping but I tried putting some cayenne pepper on a q-tip and rubbing it on the offending area. I was so surprised that it worked! I applied it every 2 hours and by the time I went to bed no pain and I slept great all night.


Had a filling that fell out a while back been putting the dentist off , well let's face it who likes goin to the dentist , anyway the cayenne pepper worked instantly , I still am surprised ... And since I enjoy spice , the burning doesnt bother me ( not nearlly as much as the damn tooth ) Thankx for the help ppl . Much needed relief !

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