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Dad developed bubbly staph?or Bacterial? ear infection running length wise on the outer rim of his ear. Native American elderly women told me to make mixture paste of garlic and Onion smashed very fine.Use back of knife to smash into paste. Also smash 1 -2 Tabls. onion after dicing it as fine as possible. I used the end of a panty hose- not reinforced toe- shear, to make the creamy pulp of onion and garlic combined and any oil remaining later to be used to mixed together. (keep left over in small glass glass container like baby food jar. Both can be smashed in hose. After mixture is made, combine neosporin or bacatrin cream together with paste of garlic and onion. Add one teaspoon of honey. I cut made a covering with coffee filter to fix around the outer part of ear.USE clear tape to make any shape to hold together. The mixture was placed inside the pocket enough to cover infection and was placed against the infection. WIth the neosporin or bacatracin cream, this hold the garlic onion mixture. USed ace bandage wrapped around head to hold this little coffee filter cup in place against ear. I applied this every night before bed. Dad slept on it for 8 hours. In the morning, it was removed and aired out. At night it was repeated for about a week. Skip procedure every other day day once the infections begins to be drawn out otherwise you can burn the tender ear. When the covering over ear is removed you will see the infection drained out and a see the new skin lifting and molting like snake skin. Dead skin will be left than should not be removed until infection is totally cleared. Skin on ear outer lining would lift. After the fourth treatment, use clean tweezers disinfected to remove dead skin. Brand new skin is left similar to what a healing burn looks like. Amazing to see infection cleared. USe gloves- after infection and dead skin is removed, apply honey to finish healing. Keep area clean and aired out. Dr was shocked and amazed to see a new ear lining cleared and new skin appearing where infection was located. After steroids, meds, nothing worked like this native American remedy. Olvera gel can also be applied to ear or wound to keep soft on road to total recovery. This native American woman said no one ran to any drug store for remedies in her time. This is great for landscapers who can get terrible infections when not using gloves. Onion and garlic are like miracles natural medicine. Also can have echincea in tea or pil form too.

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Apple cider vinegar and alcohol mixed 50/50 will do the same thing in about 3 days and will not smell.


I also doubt the native American remedy used the neosporin or bacatracin cream.


thank you so much you are a real life saver

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