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I have had a molar that is broke and infected plus a cavity fight next to it in my other tooth and I have to have oral surgery soon, I will see a oral surgeon on Monday. I have had this for 3 months and taken every pain killer invented and been on 4 different antibiotics. Went to the hospital tonight and got a shot (did no good) and about 15 painkillers, nothing. So started looking online and found this and the only thing I have at home is garlic salt so put that in a glass of warm water (and yes tried cold, temp relief but so much pain after) and been gargling on that for a couple of hours and so far it has made it a little better (going to buy clove oil tomorrow) but still pain no matter what I do. So hopefully I can make it till Monday and see the Oral Dentist and schedule the surgery, which I have to have because of the nerves which are causing pain in my entire jaw all the way up to my ear. So so far I haven't found any real pain remedies just temp fixes and so thank you for all the advice on here and I wish everyone good luck cause tooth pain sucks so much, I thought about ripping it out but with the nerves bad I was to afraid so good night and maybe I will get some sleep haven't slept in so long fill like I am dying. To again thanks for all the h

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Thank u for your are u now?? Im pretty much going through the same thing. But mine is so swollen around the front of the mouth and hurts just as bad... Please if u email me back. I prob. Wont get back on this site so if u email me @ Thanks

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