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I tried the honey and flour mentioned on this website. It worked. Within 10 minutes it stopped hurting. Great idea!

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I didn't have any honey and used golden syrup mixed with flour for a bad burn on my hand from a pan,
It hurt for about 10 mins and I thought I had got it wrong but suddenly pain went and now I is almost healed 24 hrs later! Brilliant, I will definitely use this again.

Dr. Matt

Flour and Honey do absolutely nothing. If if helped ease your pain, then its all psychological.


I thought the honey/flour was bullsh**......I fell asleep with a cig in my hand and ended up melting my fake nail to the tip of my index finger leaving a big blister and the sensation of holding my finger under a torch. I slept with my finger in a bag of frozen peas, then frozen corn....then frozen bacon...finally by morning I looked up home remarked all the while the pain seems to be increasing. I was willing to try anything. 10-15 MINS After putting the HONEY/FLOUR MIX ON MY FINGER THE PAIN WAS GONE....AFTER ALL THE VEGGIES AND LACK OF SLEEP IT REALLY FRICKIN WORKED!!!!! THANKS YOU!!!...........

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