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I have had canker sores ever since I can remember.. I usually get them from drinking orange juice and eating strawberries.. Anyways my grandmother who had them all through her life gave me milk of magnesia tablets, the chewable ones... Let that sit on your canker sore until it dissolves.. TRUST ME! It hurts the second you stick the pill on there... it will be gone the NEXT DAY!!!! Hope it works :)

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Omg I wish I would hv googled two days ago thank you so much. The pain is gone! I CAN SLEEP NOW...YAY.


can you give me the name of tablet that you reffered ? or generally I can ask the tablet you mentioned above ?


They aren't making the chewables anymore do you think the liquid would do the trick as well?


Milk of Magnesium works great! Store brand is the same and cheaper.

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