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I know it sounds crazy, but Right Guard spray deoderant, applied 1x or 2x daily, has cured more than a couple plantars warts on bottom of my feet. Completely removed any sign of the wart after just a couple weeks, but I continued to apply for about 4 weeks total. Prior dermatologist treatments by burning, acid, topical scraping did not work. The Right Guard remedy was suggested to me by a podiatrist. Has to be spray, though, not roll-on. Maybe it's something in the spray atomizer. I don't know, but its worked multiple times for me !

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Anti-perspirant will dry out the wart and make it shrink. Heat also good, moisture will have the reverse effect - so duct tape often allows wart to panis grow and swell to survive assault. Once wart has shrank use a needle to punture across diameter of wart and insert a splinter of wood, your own immune system will then attack the splinted and kill the wart by proxy. 100% effective on my wart.

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