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I had an outbreak on my genitals this week and while I have not made it to the doctor yet I'm pretty sure it is HSV because I've had HSV1 break outs on my lips and face since I was 13. So now I'm certain the virus had migrated. I really did not do anything that I have not already done naturally. I for once have NEVER taken any RX meds from doctors. After being diagnosed at 13 I simply researched options for natural remedies. I have handled it very well with maybe 4 aggresive break outs in 20 years, and they have got less aggressive with time. I am now 34 yrs old. These are some of the things I'm doing now:

I do Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar with mother, Do not use any other brand! I can't handle the sting topically but I drink it with my tea daily....I find that keeping your body PH levels balanced helps lessen the strength of the break outs....Women need to be naturally acidic but if your acid drops you are more prone to infections and weaker immune system.

For treatment DURING a break out I take things that strengthen my immune system: l-lysine 1000 twice daily, vitamin C 500mg 4 times per day. Oregano Oil capsules as recommended on label. Kyolic Garlic capsules. A good Multivitamin with high B-Complex and high vitamin D (1,000 IU or more). Antioxidant complex to aid in healing the cells on the skin faster. A GOOD Probiotic with at least 8 strains of bacteria!...and a product called Monolaurin which in studies has been shown to suppress viruses.
Topically I mix a Lysine ointment by Quantum(which has olive oil, bee propolis, zinc and garlic oil) with a 99% pure aloe gel and half powder from a probiotic capsule...then I apply it on the affected area. Once you have a break out I found that sipping on water with baking soda (maybe a teaspoon per cup) through out the day helps weaken the virus by balancing the body's PH levels.
For regular days and to maintain my immune system I only do the multivitamin, vitamin c once per day, the oregano, the garlic, probiotic and the monolaurin. And of course the Apple cider in my tea once per day.
My diet has changed completely since I was a chocolate, no soda or extreme sweets/sugar, NO coffee, and minimal to non alcoholic drinks. Nuts are off the list too!
I worked as a manager for a holistic health and sports nutrition store/company which I can not name here for 9 years and the things above are what I had found most effective with my customers with HSV and by first hand experience.
EVERYONE's body is different so don't worry if some of these don't work for you, Keep looking and trying! :) there is so much out there specially to strengthen your immune system..... GOOK LUCK!

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