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Like everyone here, Iv'e been dying due 2 a sevre toothache. And i gotta say this site helped alot. I tried just about everything except the peanut butter lol which kinda made me scared to put something sweet w/ sugar on it... But I did find relief so i wanted 2 list the remedy i tried that did wonders. 1st i tried colgate toothpaste, the kind thats made 2 prevent cavities. Directly apply 2 infected tooth and let sit. That numbed mine for a few days, then started not to do anymore good today. So i took straight peroxide and swished around tooth & held there for a min or so then, rinsed with cool water. I would do that 3 or 4 times. It does great to kill all germs and help pull infection out of tooth. then grab a cottonball or whatever and rub vanilla extract on it and around.. Then finally grab a tea bag any kind u have handy and place in mouth next 2 tooth & gums.Hopefully this will help as much as it did mine. Good Luck

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Becca, was wondering how long you keep the teabag in? Thanks!

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