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ROSE PETAL OIL. I don't know if this has been posted before, as there are so many to get through, but home made YELLOW ROSE PETAL OIL is my saving grace.

I was very surprised when I first used this remedy, made for me by a friend. I thought I was going to have to cancel my night out but 10 minutes after using this applied topically on an outbreak I was getting ready and doing my make-up. I was very surprised to find the pain level down to zero by the time I went out the door. I was worried it was temporary relief and I was going to find myself coming home early and upset, but I had faith and left the bottle in the house. I continued to have zero irritation and completely forgot about it until the next afternoon when I felt the pain returning a little, and used it again. It was scabbed and healing by day 3. The next time I used it and it cleared up before even breaking out properly, and I didn't have the scabbing stage at all.

Rose petals have antibacterial, antiviral and antidepressant properties. I noticed my mood lifted and that I was feeling calmer the whole night after using it both times. I didn't know it was noted for being antidepressant until I looked it up afterwards.

You can prob buy it in the shops but
It's very simple to make.. it needs to sit for a month though.

Fill a clear glass jar with rose petals, cover with virgin olive oil and leave on a sunny window ledge for 4 weeks. After this decant the oil into a dark bottle and use topically as required.

It can be used on a whole range of other things.. acne, eczema, cuts, basically any skin complaint. It is 100% safe with zero side effects, and so no panic if the kids get their hands on it.

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