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Sodium dodecyl sulfate is in toothpaste and if you look for your self you see that it kills hpv just look at the ingredients not all toothpaste have it

Putting it on just after a good shower works the best that's it I I've done it and worked well and it may work well alternating apple cider vinegar with it

Look on wiki under uses for the chemical

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Which toothpaste is it in


Did you leave it on all night or did you wash it off? Also, how long did it take to work?


how long did u leave it on, which toothpaste is it?


saw that 'tom's of maine' uses it in some of their pastes. Although they do make some SLS(sds) free, as well, so look at ingredients


This is in Colgate tooth paste check out the snopes investigation:
Go to and type in the chemical name see what thier investigation showed on Sodium Lauryl Sulfate or SLES

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