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I came on this site to look for some home remedies for GH. I am greatful to everyone for sharing their stories and advice so I will share mine. I was diagnosed with GH when I was 19 which was 12 years ago. I used to call it my personal nightmare. At the beginning it wasn't so bad but about 2 years ago I started to have outbreaks back to back literally. I would have at least 2 outbreaks a month. They would last about a week. They were so painful that I would not be able to walk. I had to cancel engagements and lie constantly to hide my personal nightmare. The pain was so unbearable that I was buying percocet from people who had prescriptions for them. That became my only relief. I went into a deep depression for months. I felt dirty, ashamed, lonely and hate towards the person who gave it to me. I finally got out of my dark hole recently and I am doing better. I still have outbreaks but they are not as painful and I am able to manage them better. The one thing that I do when I have an outbreak is pop the blisters with a paper towel on top of it so it doesn't spread anywhere. It helps them to heal faster and it greatly reduces the pain. I have also noticed that when I drink liquor especially, it brings on an outbreak. Like everyone, stress always brings it on. If anyone needs some support, I am willing to listen.

God bless you...

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Um I have had gh for little under a year yet and I still can't accept it, I'm trying hard to but I can't seem to find the strenght to cope properly, sometimes I want to flirt with a guy I like then reality hits me again that I have a lifetime virus that Is highly contagious,


Give it to god please that's the best remedie an advice I could give u. It was hard for me an I was depressed also until I thought I would never get through it but I did. Remember there is someone for everybody just put your trust in god....


I was diagnosed over 10 years ago with GH thanks to an unfaithful husband. As if I didn't feel dirty and damaged enough he treated me like damaged goods. Even though I contracted the disease from him, his OBs were minor compared to my excrutiating illness. After divorce I thought no one would ever love me. My first sexual encounter was with a friend/ex-boyfriend. I felt so guilty for not telling him BEFORE he put himself at risk that I confessed my terrible secret. He was loving and accepting. He understood that the only reason he did not have GH was because he was lucky. Anyone who is sexually active risks contracting the virus. I had 2 more sexual partners before remarrying. I told both of them about the disease, both of them were open to information, appreciative that I respected them enough to be honest and felt I was worth the risk. I have now been married for 8 years and my husband is still GH free. There is life after GH!

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