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I have two impacted wisdom teeth that need to be removed along with a couple of cavities that the filling has fallen out of. I used to run to the dentist every time I had tooth pain, until my mom gave me this remedy.

Pour some baking soda into a small frying pan and heat it for 8-10 minutes. The longer you heat it, the better it will work. This changes the chemical composition of the baking soda.

Then, take that heated baking soda and put it in, on, and around the cavity / exposed nerve. You may even try putting it on your wet toothbrush and brushing with it. Be careful, as it will burn any wet skin, such as your tongue or the inside of your cheek. Keep some cool water around to wipe it off your tongue or cheek if this happens.

You may have to do it two or three times, but in many cases the pain will go away completely and never return. My mom did it 30 years ago and hasn't had a toothache since!

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I did this because my molar has an exposed nerve, and today the pain would be like a stabbing pain every minute. I tried this remedy and the pain has reduced significantly. The pain comes sporadically now and is much less intense. I will apply one more time. I did burn my cheek. It was more like a chemical burn when you leave hair remover on too long. I was expecting heat burn, that's why I didn't wipe the baking soda off my cheek right away. But as soon as it touches your cheek rinse it off right away. Other than that, this one works very well.


Do not, I repeat do NOT do this!!!

Heating baking soda causes a chemical reaction that turns it into sodium carbonate, or 'soda ash', a common household cleaner. It is potentially HARMFUL if swallowed. Its pH level is 11, which means it can burn through skin, and your stomach.


Heating the baking soda worked good in my husband no pain as of yet. I told him not to swallow the baking soda to spit the saliva out. I wasn't aware that you should not heat baking soda but it works and we will be very careful with heating it. It did give me some breathing problems when it was heating but I thank God it worked on my Husband I hope it's stays away that pain of his.


Moogleboy has a good point. Baking soda begins to break down into lye when heated to around 100°C. This would not be the safest way to ease tooth pain, although I guess it could be an effective way, if it were to damage the tooth root/nerve somehow.


Please do not use the cooking baking soda method. I tried this out of desperation....MISTAKE> I applied with a torn off tip of a qtip. I put it in my tooth, not touching any other part of my mouth. # hours later I have 'chemical burns all over my mouth on the side the tooth was on, and i burned the tongue. It is impossible not to burn ur mouth. The tooth is still killing me, The only thing that really works is 6 Ibuprofin, and Sensodyne tooth paste in the hole. I havent found a way to make it STAY AWAY BUT THE SENSODYNE IN THE HOLE GIVES 2-3 HOURS RELIEF. iF u chance and try this ( like i did) u will have a bad tooth and burns..which react to i am left to only the sensodyne now. Drinking hot, warm or cold is killing the burns. Brushing hurts, eating hurts. PLEASE DONT DO THIS!!


Oil of Oregano really works, and it's safe to ingest too. (discovered it on this site!)


Sesame and sunflower oils are anti-bacterial, as well as coconut oil, but sesame and sunflower are believed to be better anti-bacterial agents. Put a tablespoon or 2 in your mouth and gently swirl it around or swivel your head to move it about and keep ot in your mouth for 20 minutes to disperse the oil around and between the teeth. Pain should subsidecat least somewhat. If pain is too great, just hold the oil in your mouth. Thoroughly spit it out -- do not swallow because it contains bacteria that's been extracted from the mouth. Use a plastic knife (dull side) or tongue compressor to scrape/clean the tongue and rinse mouth with water. If you can bear it, brush teeth, followed by a mouthwash. Do this in the morning and add an application before bed as teeth sensitivity/pain subsides. You can more vigorously swirl and suck or pull the oil between teeth (called oilpulling) to extract more bacteria as sensitivity/pain disappears.

Try Xylitol toothpaste and Tom's mouth cleanser, with xylitol. Xylitol is anti-bacterial element, naturally occurring in the body. It can be used as a sugar substitute also and much better than sugar as it fights, rather than feeds, bacteria as sugar does.


An older Russian man just gave me a small amount of this when I told him I had an exposed tooth nerve that was hurting very bad. I swished it in my mouth with warm water and swallowed it. Instantly the paon was gone. 45 minutes later and still no pain. It also settled my stomach that has been upset all day almost as fast.

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