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I am a 50 yr old woman that has suffered with RLS since my early 20s. It runs in my family and none of us have ever found a 'cure'. I have discussed this with my family doctor for years (his wife also suffers RLS) and have tried all of the prescriptions recommended. Some I couldn't take due to side effects - others just did not work for me. I found this site several months ago and made some notes of remedies from others. I combined some of these suggestions with some of my doctor's recommendations and here I am 9 weeks later saying that I have found relief FINALLY. I wanted to share in hopes of maybe helping others - it takes several weeks to see improvement but stay with it and maybe you will also see results. I'm sleeping!! I take Calcium Magnesium with D (3x daily), MegaVita Gel (2x daily), Vitamin C-500mg(1x daily), Slow Release Iron 50mg (2x daily), Astaxanthin 10mg (1x daily). I would advise checking with your doctor first though (especially regarding the Iron). Hope you're sleeping soon.

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I also suffer from restless legs. Tired of medications not working. Can you please tell me how many mcg or mg you take of these supplements? Thank you in advance!


I'm nearly 60 and been suffering since 20. My early years aspirin helped...then parladell w/klonopin, then mirapex with ambien and now ropinole with doc did tell me my iron was low but I've never really stuck to any of the iron supplements because if I don't take my presriptions - I do not sleep one wink all it is now I can only sleep a few hours a nite and would love to hear the doses of calcium mag w d and the mega there a certain brand name you get - I know this makes a big difference on quality. please contact me: Thanks so much for sharing!!!!


Sorry - should have included this info: Puritan's Pride is where I buy all of my supplements and vitamins. Mega Vita Gel (item #1081), Calcium Magnesium with D (item #16154), Vit C (item #6295), Astaxanthin (item #36204) and Slow Release Iron (Mason's natural). I hope this answers the dosing questions. Good luck. Remember - it's not a 'cure' but I have found relief. Still have occasional nights when I have problems but even then the symptoms are milder than before.


How did you come up with this mix of vitamins? And how did you determine the quantities and dosage?


I talked with my doctor about which vitamins and minerals to try and the doses and also did some research on the internet and talked with the doc about that also. He suffers also so we have good conversations and feedback with one another. I have also added 15mg of extra zinc to the mix (it's also in the multi but the extra seems to help). Again, this is not a 'cure' - I still have some bad nights, but they are better and when you're suffering with RLS any relief is better than no relief. Hope this helps. Also ladies - after shaving your legs in the shower try rubbing in peppermint oil. Feels better than the bengay rubs and it softens - seems to help some. BTW - the haters need to find another outlet for their rants and lets just try to help one another here.


Swanson vitamins also has great prices on guaranteed supplements. Astaxanthin is also a great internal sunscreen. Take it year round.

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