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Crush a clove of raw garlic in a small bowl and mix in some honey. Garlic must be fresh, not bottled or prediced. Spread on toast or bread to get the whole clove down easier. Eating within 30 minutes of crushing the garlic is most potent. Eating this 30 minutes before bed always helped dry my cough when I was sleeping so I could actually get some rest. It killed my 9 year old's cough in a day. Both garlic and honey have antibacterial properties, amazing medicinal foods.

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Crack rocks do the job too. Or...or. Smoke a bong the vapors will help


I just did this so lets see if it will work or not. I will re post a comment if it works or not.


Yes Garlic and honey are amazing! add it to hot water and seep it with grated ginger...then add 4 sprinkles of cayenne pepper... very soothing

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