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I know this is all about home remedies, but sometimes the best way is to do it with chemicals. I used to work for a pest control company, and inside the house, you will need to vacum all the carpets and then throw the bag away(immediately) You're sucking up as many live fleas and eggs as you can. Then lightly spray with Ultracide IGR (found on Amazon for about $20) The IGR is growth inhibiter which will kill them instantly and cause mutations in the eggs, so they won't hatch. It lasts for nearly 120 days. I do it in the spring, once and it's good for he year. Very bad ti inhale, so have your family go grab a bite to eat while you spray this stuff.

Also, get a quart of Permethrin SFR for about $30 on Amazon, as well. Mix 2-3 tablespoons per gallon of water in a yard sprayer and spray the grass and plants around your house. (note that this is the same spray that they use for an 'eve and perimeter' spray that usually costs approx. $300) you can also spray the permethrin on your house eves and windows, it will kill wasps, spiders, roaches, and basically anything that crawls. Just keep your kids and animals out of it till it dries.

Then you can also dip(or sponge) your dog in a Permethrin-10 mixture. This is also found on Amazon for about $8.00 this will last about 3-4 weeks. So it will keep fleas and ticks off your animals and out of your house. It may not be the most natural and holistic approach, but anything else will have you treating your home over and over, as the eggs will continue to hatch if you don't include a growth inhibiter.

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Could you get the IGR at a local Home Depot or just Amazon only? I got rid of the fleas on my pets and in my apt. for a good 2 weeks and now they are back.
I had the fleas in my apt. for about 3 weeks. It took that long to kill them.
Is it possible that my dog is getting it from outside and bringing it inside and then the cycle begins w/ my cat and dog and then every where in my apt? The Frontline helped on my pets, too.


Ummm, so while the family is safe eating out, your breathing in the chemicals and killing yourself? What? No, I will stick to the less harsh ways of doing it. THanks though!


If you do the research and see what all these chemicals are doing to her four legged family members you will not use them. Try the home remedies becasue they work and the most important thing is everyone is safe to breath the air, our pets are not getting cancer and you are saving money.


I killed a beautiful sweet Cocker Spaniel using this stuff. It burned her kidneys up. They completely shut down after using permethrin every month for about a year. I thought I was doing something good for her because it worked so well and I bought it at the vet clinic. I never thought they would sell a product that would kill an animal.
As for myself, I have been diagnosed with chemical exposure. Burning and sensitive skin, headaches, multiple organ problems, joint and bone problems that all began around the time I used the permethrin on my baby. It is poison for fleas, animals, and people.
May you rest in peace, Shelley.

Denise Gutowski

What is wrong with you this site is for home remedies do u have your head up your butt ? Learn to understand what you are reading about or posting a comment on . Jeez keep your comments to yourself! Now everybody else please have a nice day

Am l the only that feels this way? Sorry if I offended anybody . It was only for the author of this . :) ;-€ ( :~{}~) Lol


Part 2 Sorry folks... hmmm man up and sign your opinion

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