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Hi I work at a drugstore and have gotten many different remedies that customers have come in looking for. My son is 4 and I havent completely gotten rid of the eczema but its better.
I have been pouring Vitamin E oil in his baths with epsom salt. also using Cerave lotion. Sometimes I put some of his prescription cream on a band-aid for the night if he has a patch (once a week).

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John UK

I have suffered with Eczema for 50 years and one thing I have found is baths are a myth, and cause more problems,getting into the bath washing and getting out just drapes you in the scum floating on the surface,and causes itching,
I have found that a shower washes the allegens away then you can apply creams etc. I have found this to be the most effective control to date.
all the best


Be careful with the band-aids. I have a band-aid horror story...I used to be so ashamed of my eczema and I used to keep my 'patches' covered. My skin became raw and it was stayed so moist my skin just started peeling away. It was terrible! My doc advised me to let my skin 'air out' and not to cover the affected areas, avoid water as much as possible and try not to scratch. I hope this is helpful.


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