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fenugreek 2tabs 2aday for 3days
I turned into Dolly Parton
Take every 3 months when baby does growthspurt and will need more milk

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i'm so going to try this just because i had a visual of dolly feeding a new baby! i remeber how i was when i got home from the delivery...i was feeling a little like dolly then. i'd like to get my milk supply back up becaue i had a very bad case of mistitus. one breast is a lot smaller with a low supply. i have been working on buliding it back up, but it is a lot harder then i thought. if anyone has any better suggestions i'd love to hear them. please e mail me:


Fenugreek is fantastic! All of the feedings early postpartum with my first daughter really wore me out. All the sleep deprivation was throwing my hormones out of whack and I could tell that my milk production was lagging (I was pumping milk). Stay very hydrated, very well rested (I know, difficult), and the plus side to fenugreek is the lovely maple syrup scent you will emit. Fenugreek was recommended by my lactation consultant.


where do you get fenegreek?

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