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I know the frustration of a UTI that won't go away. I'm not sure which is worse: the physical pain or the emotional distress. I have struggled with recurring UTI's for many years. I used to always run to the doctor, who would prescribe me 10 days of Cipro. Of course, the Cipro makes you feel like a zombie. Plus, I ALWAYS would get a yeast infection afterwards. Finally, I realized that I needed to look for an alternative. After scouring the internet for many home remedies, I read about D-Mannose powder. The brand that I purchase was called UTI Vibrance Crisis Intervention Formula. It was about $30.00 at my health food store. After two days of this, I was all but cured. I even went to my doctor to get a urine test, and although they saw an elevated white blood cell count, there was no bacteria in my urine!

Now, I cannot stress enough that UTI's can quickly turn into bladder infections, which can then turn into life threatening kidney infections. So, if you have the beginnings of a UTI, try the D-Mannose powder. But, if after a couple of days the pain is still intense, go see your doctor right away!

Good luck ladies!

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