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Dont use bar soap on your face!
I had horrible acne till i left the bar soap alone and switched to neutagina anti acne/anti wrinkle cream
Started at 24 yrs old rarely get a pimple maybe 2- or 3 a year
I use to have 2 or 3 a day!

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the bar of soap thing is true i uasally use nutragina but i went to my aunts house and left it at home all she had was a bar of soap and when i can home i had acne bad, i started useing nutragina agien and my face cleared up in a few weeks


I'm a skin care specialist. The PH in bar soap is VERY high. You want to use a mild cleanser with a low ph. there is no 100% way to get rid of acne. its all internal


what about organic bar soap?

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