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I had a big GW near the entrance of my vagina and two tiny ones above it... I tried regular vinegar on the large one and it got flat almost unnoticeable.. I took a cotton ball soaked with regular vinegar and left it on the large one for about 5-7mins at night for two days in a row... It burns like hell but worth it.. I used Neosporin to soothe the burning feeling and heal the skin as the vinegar caused some redness around the GW... Tomorrow I will try Apple Cider Vinegar on the tiny ones and on the flat one and I will post the outcome... Wish me luck!

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By soaking it with the regualr vinigar, did it get rid of it all together or just flatin it?
And what made you decide to use regualr vinigar as opposed to the ACV? Im a nurse at a urologist office and I deal with these on a daily but we use a mixture of water and vinigar to diagnose not treat.
I have the same issue right near my opening, I was treated by my Gyno with this acid that burns it off but they are still there so Im trying to use a mixture of methods that Im finding on here...this whole thing is such a nightmare and very depressing


what a going to have to try ACV ASAP....

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