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For me the best thing for tummy problems whether its gastric, bloatnes, ibs or just pain ginger works wonders. Ur stomache will thank you. I take a teaspoon of crushed ginger and honey and add boiling water and drink like tea. You can also eat some of the bits along with the juice it all helps cure the prob. If one cup doesnt work drink a second cup. It'll get rid of any gas, pain, bugs etc etc. Hope this works! It should work, this is the power of the Creator who created ginger and honey all for us to benefit from.theres nothing like it. All thanks to the Lord of the worlds, the Most High, the Great. Don't forget to thank Him cos all Praise belongs to Him, our Creator who provides for us. One more thing a tablespoon of distilled malt vineger works too!

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Assalamualaykum my friend! Thank u soo much for reminding me of Ginger an honey remedy I did know of it but when belly ache started couldn't think of anything! It's helped alot Alhamdullilah-praises b 2 Allah. An thank u my friend for posting ur useful an kind suggestion may Allah bless you an reward u.
Muslim sister.


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M from TX

I've never heard of using any kind of vinegar to treat stomach pain, and wouldn't really recommend it as the stomach and intestinal tract are already full of digestive acids, but I thank those of you who advise ginger, honey and even baking soda. (new one to me) As for the JERK who posted the wise crack about 'bottoms,' have some respect, will you?

Do not waste time posting nonsense here. As a cancer survivor, I know personally, that many remedies mentioned here DO WORK. When needed, I've used them myself with advice from my own physician.

jp from LA

Thank you M from Texas! This isn't the place for that type of comments! Like you say, show some respect.


That really works! Glad for the relief! you could not me more correct on either topic! thank the lord for ginger!

Butt licker

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I have had a severe tummy ache for 3 months now. Went to the doctor, tried everything. The pain would go away for some time and then come back again. I tried your remedy and it did wonders :D I am so grateful to you! God Bless you! Thank you!


Hi Asbo , I tried ur Ginger with Honey remedy for my stomach pain - and it works like magic - really thanx for that --


vineagr and lemon do work, though they are acidic. The reason is that the stomach is not able to produce the much needed acids.

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