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Dawn Hemming

I have have been successful at keeping restless leg at bay by doing three things: take magnesium every day, and completely avoid gluten and sugar. I have suffered from RLS for eight years. I have been able to control it completely if I follow the three thIngs. When I cheat, I have problems!

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I have had RLS for a couple of years, and it has never been too uncomfortable, or kept me awake at night until the last couple of nights. I immediately began searching online for remedies (I don't do prescriptions), and saw the comment about gluten and sugar. I do not have celiac, but blood tests show that I'm sensitive to gluten, so I have been (somewhat) gluten free for about a year. I also typically eat whole foods - very little processed food or sugar. However, this past weekend being Mother's Day, we had two family potlucks and a birthday party, and I cheated big time. I've also got arthritis in my right hand that really flares up when I cheat, so the gluten/sugar connection makes a lot of sense. I'm back on my strict diet, so we'll see if my RLS improves...

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