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Hey :) im a 17 y/o female who suffers from cheek, chest, and back acne! Its not too severe but its annoying when you have prom in two weeks. I try to keep it under control, but im a teen with stress so that doesnt help much!
I have a few tips that have really helped and i would love to share with you!
First cut down on the sodas, I dont drink soda at all but if you must drink them stick with the light soda (sprite,mountain dew)stay away from the coke & pepsi!
Next watch what you eat! Healthy skin starts with healthy diet!
Last are a few remedies and steps to a clear face in no time :)
1.Hot showers!,the steam opens your pores
2.I like to mix even amount of toothpaste and NOXEMA and you feel it working right away! I like it in the morning because it wakes me right up!
3.After you wash your face/body with mixture dap with cold wash rag! Cold water closes pores so no other dirt can get in!
4.I use Biore nose strips once a week to remove black heads on nose.
5.Use Benzoyl Peroxide Gel from local pharmacy works wonders ! This product works amazing but it does dry your skin so i prefer to use nivea creme afterwards.
6.At night dap a cotton ball in FRESH Lemon Juice and apply to any blemish or blotchy area
7.After lemon juice back to the toothpaste :)
I promise it will work for all acne!
Mild or severe :)

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Woah! That sounds weird. But hey I will give it a try I guess... Do you have a specific type of toothpaste and how ling does it take? Do you rinse afterwards?


i dont use any specific as long as its PASTE and not GEL . the paste is what dries :) & i keep it on usually for 15 minutes or untill dry . dry enough to where it dissapears or stretches when you smile or move your face!


hey that works and reduces the redness caused by pimples.


do u have to wash the toothpast and lemon juice off?


oh my gosh sounds just like me! i have prom in two weeks too and i need to find a way to get rid of back acne! ill have to try this out!


wow this really worked for me!


Hey quick question: does the lemon juice & toothpaste work for back acne as well? or is that only for the face? lemme know :)


Nice try there, but dieting has nothing to do with acne. Greasy food and greasy skin are unrelated health issues. For instance, I could drink grease right out of the fryer and still have crystal clear skin (although maybe a bit obese :) )

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