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Dr. Lavendar

There is a product I recommend to patients call Femanol. It does not require a prescription and can be found online.

Some of the info here is good but allot is just wrong. DO NOT douche, do wear cotton underwear but sleep without underwear. Avoid sweets as much as possible. DO NOT use scented soap, rinses, washes or sprays, as some hear have suggested, they just cover up the odor and do nothing to eliminate the cause.

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Elizabeth Thomas

Who cares if she spells it correct or not. U kno wut the hell she's talking about. Quit being an asshole and start working together. All that matters is if it works or not.


I beg to differ with the 'Do not douche, do wear cotton underwear but not to sleep in' thing...if I had NOT started douching, I would be single...I do not wear underwear to bed...I wear cotton underwear during the help there. I have been on antibiotics and creams (made it 10x's worse), to no avail. I use apple cider vinegar and water everytime I shower. Helps somewhat, but my pH has always been off. Tried yogurt and cranberry pills...nothing. The last doctor I had just shook her head when nothing she had me try worked. I have used the freshness gels, but they only last for so long. I was hoping for something that I could whip up in my kitchen, as we are strapped right now until I find work.

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