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Dr. Lavendar

There is a product I recommend to patients call Femanol. It does not require a prescription and can be found online.

Some of the info here is good but allot is just wrong. DO NOT douche, do wear cotton underwear but sleep without underwear. Avoid sweets as much as possible. DO NOT use scented soap, rinses, washes or sprays, as some hear have suggested, they just cover up the odor and do nothing to eliminate the cause.

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That product Fanimol is great it works within a couple days oder free it helps grow your hair nail and it healthy for the rest of the body HIGHLY RECOMMENDENT!!!!!


The correct spelling is Femanol


Take advise from someone who misspelled a lot & the product name.... just saying


Not sure I would trust advice from someone who can't spell the name of the recommended product, doesn't know the difference between 'hear' and 'here,' makes multiple grammitcal and spelling errors, yet claims to be a 'Dr.'


No need to be such a snob. I have an english BA but I will not look down upon someone for minor spelling and grammatical errors. They DID, in fact, spell 'Femanol' correctly, it was another commenter who misspelt it. Negativity will rot your soul.


wow really...I'm looking for a solution that works. Have any of you actually tried this product or are you just bashing it because the original poster supposedly mispelled femanol? If anyone has tried it and knows if it works or not some input would be greatly appreciated.

you need a life

First of all, everything this person wrote is correct and has been what doctors have told me NOT to do for years before they issued an antibiotic. (I was active duty for 8 years and my BDUs did not breathe well.) Doctors are human just like you and I. Just because they are doctors does not mean that they are not prone to grammatical mistakes. How many times have you proofread something you have written. It was a mistake. He/she obiviously does know the difference between 'here' and 'hear' because it was correct the first time they typed it. AND BESIDES, WHO THE HELL CARES!!!! HALF THE ADVICE ON THIS BOARD IS MISSPELLED OR GRAMMATICALLY INCORRECT!!!! and if I want any backlash at you on MY post I will be sure to post a comment that is grammatically incorrect and ask you for it


So did we establish if it works or not? Some of us care more about why we came not how the answer is written


Just curious if it works...???


you can use sliver ion pad

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