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Fast and simple temporary solution is using heat to kill the warts. Disinfect the area, take a needle and heat it up with a lighter until the needle is red hot and lightly poke at the wart until it changes color to white-ish. It sounds painful but it's not!! After a day or 2 it will completely fall off! They may re-appear so just keep applying heat. It's quick and easy and they completely fall off!

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so im a male with gw i have one on m shaft and one on my thigh i tryed this method on my leg to start an yes it does hurt but we will see whar happens ill keep you posted.


Dont hold it for too long. Keep poking at it. Make sure you cover the entire wart until it changes color to whiteish.


I did this after going to the doctor and them telling me its gonna be a couple weeks to get me in. So i took things into my own hands and after doing research i came across your post and well yours is the only one that actually makes sense seeing as how at the doctors this is essentially how they treat this HEAT, laser and the frozen stuff. Yes pocking a hot needle towards the base and shaft of your penis is a bit unnerving but once you see the immediate response you get over it quick. Thanks for this advice


I am trying to get rid of my gw with this technique. I was doing as said and it romoved a layer of skin from the wart. Is that what should happen. I heated a small safety pin and lightly poked. It started turning white and then I noticed skin was being removed


After trying 'natural' stuff and having no results I went to freezing, I got rid of about 1/2 (I started with maybe 15 total) but the others refused. So now I'm trying heat, yesterday I set up a clean area, scrubbed everything down with alcohol, heated a needle up to glowing red hot, and poked the tops of the warts until almost the entire GW was white, it hurt, but I liked that it was an instant change, today they all looked normal, not sure if I should do the same thing over again, I'll report tomorrow on any progress


To completely remove the wart make sure you burn as much of it as possible. After the treatment I usually shower and you can usually remove them by using your nails or a towel to scrub them off. Depending on how well you burned it you may or may not need to do touch up treatments.
If it turns white, that is a positive result. the point is to burn the wart since burnt skin falls off easily. And the good thing is, they dont appear for a while.

Happened to me

Do not scratch it off with your nail! You are putting yourself at risk to get warts under your finger nails.

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