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SEA SALT eliminated my back acne.
Every summer my acne would magically disappear and I finally realized that it is the SEA SALT. I dissolved sea salt(can be bought at stores) in warm water. Don't be cheap on the salt. Poured the water in a clean spray bottle of windex. I apply it every day after shower and let it dry. I don't moisturize at all just shower daily and apply salty water. Noticeable changes within a few days guaranteed!

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Do you put warm water in it everyday?


Do you rinse the salt off afterward or leave it on?


Warm water isnt nessicary because it is is the bottle until it is gone (at least that is what i am assuming) and you leave it on... dont wash off.


What is meant by clean bottle of windex? Do you leave the windex liquid in.... Reminds me of remedy for zits in my big fat Greek wedding!


MAI was going to recommend this as well, my son had tried everything to get rid of the acne not only on his back, but his chest, neck and face as well. Nothing worked and his self esteem plummeted with each failure. Then we went on vacation and boogie boarded in the gulf coast. Not ny did we have a blast, but his body acne completely disappeared! I bought sea salt from the drug store and he would soak in the bathtub, but because he hated baths we also used an empty spray bottle after washing it well, and mixed our own sea salt concoction. The good thing is that it worked wonders on his acne and self esteem. The bad thing was we couldn't boogie board in the salt water in a bottle!


Would Morton Iodized Salt Work?


How long until you can wipe of the salt


Does this actually work I'll have to try it but I am 31 and I have been dealing with acne since I was 10 I refuse to wear a swimsuit a tanktop or anything of the sorts because it's embarrassing to me and it's why i have low self esteem I tried over the counter medication medication prescribed by the doctor and proactiv and no luck with any of it so I will have to test this out and hoping it works


This does work. My husband has NASTY (OMG YUCK) back acne. Most of the time its infected and he is huge boils. The smell is almost unbearable. I washed his back with a HOT wash cloth then applied witch hazel to clean out all the dirt and nastys ( keep in mind this brings out the acne also, so it will get way worse before it gets better.) Then I scrbbed his back in sea salt mixed in warm water. He also takes baths in sea salt when I can not do this. After it drys I take a cold wash cloth and wash his back again to close the poors. Then I take Proactiv body lotion and apply to keep the skin from drying out. Please note that one can not use any lotion for 99% of the time it makes it MUCH worse by adding oil and clogging poors. My husbands back was as clear as a baby's butt in about 3 months of doing this at least 5 time a week. Kicker to it is one can't stop. my husbands skin is just nasty and he will never have the type of skin that is clear, so this is a never ending battle of care.


Try changing diet too. Clean whole foods

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