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After reading all of these remedies, I realized I didn't have hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, strawberries, or lemon juice, as I hadn't gone to the store in a couple days. However, I realized I had olive oil, Listerine, and of course, toothpaste. I mixed about 1/2 a tablespoon olive oil, with about 1 1/2 tablespoon Listerine, and some toothpaste. Then I put some toothpaste on my toothbrush, dipped it in the mixture, and brushed my teeth really well. Then I rinsed with the remaining mixture.
This worked really well. I intend to keep up with it, and do it constantly!

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Wow, I have to admit I did not think this was going 2 work. It blow away any product on the market. No more trips to the Dentist to make my teeth white. Amazing.
'Super Thank You' for posting this. You have saved a lot of people money, and let them feel good with a smile. God Bless You.


This is amazing!!! I love it! I will keep on using it.


HELP! I don't have Listerine, but I do have Equate which is generic. Will it work just as well or should I use more? I'm going to visit my dad in 12 days and even with brushing them, my teeth arent white. If someone could tell me ASAP I would really appreciate it!


Can you use vet. Oil instead of olive oil? Just curious.


What does the Olive oil do??

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