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After reading all of these remedies, I realized I didn't have hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, strawberries, or lemon juice, as I hadn't gone to the store in a couple days. However, I realized I had olive oil, Listerine, and of course, toothpaste. I mixed about 1/2 a tablespoon olive oil, with about 1 1/2 tablespoon Listerine, and some toothpaste. Then I put some toothpaste on my toothbrush, dipped it in the mixture, and brushed my teeth really well. Then I rinsed with the remaining mixture.
This worked really well. I intend to keep up with it, and do it constantly!

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Oh my God I tried it and it really worked!! Thank you so much I am going to tell all of my friends! :)


Does it make your teeth whiter or?


Does it reaally works?how long does it take??


Do you mix the toothpaste, listerine, and olive oil and then dip your toothbrush with more toothpaste on it into the mixture?




You go looking for home remedies hoping they work and guess what this one actually does!! You see the change instantaneously. I will continue this for atleast 2 Weeks...and your entire mouth feels super clean.


i havent tried this yet but i am going to do so. i really hope it works, i m a 15 year old girl and i brush my teeth every morning and night and sometimes more and have done my whole life and yet my teeth are still yellow... and my teetha re to close together which has caused holes in my teeth:( sometimes i really hate not being able to smile infront of people because i get to embarressed :( seriously hate my teeth so much


this TOTALLY WORKED! awesome.


Does this work with extra virgin olive oil?


wow this is amazing!!! my teeth look so much whiter and i intend to keep up with it! how often do you think i should do it, because i dont want my teeth to hurt!

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