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Once or twice daily, apply Wart Remover Liquid with Salicylic Acid (17% w/w.) Hours later, pick at wort with tweezers to remove dead skin. After this step, apply generous amounts of 'Frankinsense' to the wort(s.) This is a natural concoction you may buy at which helps to eradicate the wort(s) pain-free. The salicylic acid, however, is NOT pain-free but is effective when used with 'Frankinsense.' Follow these steps until the wort(s) disappears, and then continue to apply 'Frankinsense' for at least 2 weeks.

I had tried just the salicylic acid, but it had not been working so I looked up homeopathic remedies for the plantar wart and discovered that 'Frankinsense' may be helpful. I started applying it daily along with salicylic acid and together they rid my foot of at least 10 worts in a matter of weeks. There was only some pain when I only used the salicylic acid, but the 'Frankinsense' was completely pain-free. The pain was not unbearable, anyway. Follow these steps and you will have very happy, wort-free feet. While doing several sports and often having sweaty feet, this remedy still worked.

For best results try to have air reach the infected area as much as possible; e.g. wear sandals instead of shoes, socks, or slippers when possible.
Worts spread through moist areas, so when showering, try to avoid contact between the floor and the wort(s.) This will stop others from gaining their own worts, and it will help prevent the spread on your own feet.

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that's funny....I had always heard that the warts needed to be 'suffocated' and covered at all times...not letting ANY air get to them in order to kill the root. Don't know which method to go with!

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