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Eat about half a tablespoon of yellow mustard by itself to help with nausea.

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reading this made me more nauseous lol


Right? Yuck.


I have been so nauseous with this pregnancy and have tried mint, ginger, crackers, coke, etc. I have even tried prescription Zofran and nothing worked. I heard of mustard and tried it on a bland cheese sandwhich and it worked! I have felt so much better and it keeps the nausea away for hours. Maybe I'll try it on pretzels or whatever I can to make it through this pregnancy! Worked wonders.


thank you, it actually worked


All the time I was pregnant I crave a kids meal cheeseburger w mustard. It would soothe my severe morning sickness. Now I know there's science behind it!


I've tried everything.. This mustard thing really works!


Ironically my sandwich had mustard on ittoday.. I never do thatlol But it did help quite a bit. Thanks!


This really helps. I'm 7weeks and I'm sick morning noon and night. I tried the mustard because saltine crackers and none of the above worked. The mustard helped so much I might start to carry it in my purse!


The mustard worked thank you!

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