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This worked! Pour some hydrogen peroxide in your ear for a few minutes. Use a Waterpik and fill it with warm water and turn on lowest setting and go from there... raise the pressure as you can stand it. Just keep streaming it in your ear and the wax will eventually come out! It is gross but it is so worth it! My boyfriend had a lot if problem with ear wax build up and he went to the dr and this is what they did. It worked for him just thought I'd share! Good luck!

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This worked like a charm. Couldn't believe how quick the wax came out !! Definitly worth it !!


the water picks used by the licensed professionals has a special tip, so try using the bulb syringe with equal parts of hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol, and warm (NOT hot) water. Gently stream the water in there in one continuous stream, don't let the bulb refill with ear when in your ear, it can cause a crazy pressure change in there


It worked but it hurt really bad hope I did not do any damage to my ear.


Thanks this really works.


Doctors sometimes use water-pik for earwax removal, but this is best done by a professional or you could really do some damage.


For those who say get a professional to do it I have this to say....a professional may not want to do it (in Canada where we have gov't administered health care, it is almost a waste of their time, when it can be done so easily at home)...and if you had to pay to have this done your really are wasting your own money and time, it is a routine procedure not much different really than cleaning and cutting nails.


I did both my ears with a an ear syringe (I used a small one but am definately going to buy a large one). Over a couple of days I softened the ear up with over the counter drops, then went at it with a mix of peroxide and quite warm tap water. Gentle pressure, firm but not 'blasting' the stuff that comes out is unreal! It is so worth doing. I have made a pont of showing my kids how I did it, because I am sure they will have to do it at least some time in their lives. I second the comments on Q-Tips, I probably misused those most of my life.


Definatley do this. One last comment, it can make you a bit dizzy so be careful. I don't get disoriented easily, when I did my second ear I was quite amazed at how it affected a balance (very short term). No wonder as the inner ear canals are the key to balance.


This diid not work for me. I am in excruciating pain now. May go to urgent care now at 1am.


It does work but I feel its best to let a professional do it since you can damage your eardrum. I have this problem about every three months and have it professionally done. They continue to tel me DO NOT USE QTIPS OR DIG YOU FINGERS OR ANTHING ELSE IN YOUR EARS

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