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VITAMIN C megadose treatment is safe and works like a dream for the relief of bladder infection as well as clears and heals the infection. A simple urine test will prove that this works as well and much faster than any prescription if you are in doubt. I have used this method numerous times on myself and my dog (with correct dosing for weight) and have never failed to find almost instant relief. It works the same way that most other recommended bladder home remedies do by creating a very acidic environment in the bladder. Bacteria simply cannot survive in this acidic environment and kidneys and bladder are flushed clean when you urinate. The vitamin C used must be the kind with ascorbic acid or rose hips and must be tablet form that you purchase at the drug or health store. This is the most common and basic form of vitamin C. You do NOT want chewable, powder or liquid capsule type. Take 4 single 5000 mg doses of vitamin C every 2 - 2 1/2 hours. Over the course of a 6 - 8 hour period, you will consume 20000 mg of vitamin C. The tablets that I use are 1000 mg tablets, so I take 5 tablets with each dose, for a total of 20 tablets for the day. Some diarrhea is possible with this treatment and is normal and expected, but does not last long. Please share and pass this info along to those that you know who are in pain and are in need of help with bladder infections. It has been such a comfort and relief to me as I have had bladder infections for years and I now no longer have to wait for days in severe pain in order to see a doctor.

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Thanks for the info on mega doses of vitamin c for uti. May I add that a sitz bath in Epson Salt helps relieve the pain quickly and use a triple antibiotic ointment on your urethra because that keeps the bacteria out of your tract.


I have also read 1 clove of raw garlic 3 times a day (mince it very fine, set it at the back of your tongue, if you don't want to taste it, and wash it down with water or juice) and also drinking about 350-400 ml of pure unsweetened organic cranberry juice (Lakewood or Knudsen) throughout the day. I also had green tea with fresh ginger root throughout the day. In a about a day and a half, my urine was clear, but I'm continuing this remedy for a while, then I will reduce dosage and continue as a preventative measure.

Garlic does wonders to boost the immune system. Take raw garlic in this way to cure a bad cold very quickly. It will amaze you. Ginger root also boosts the immune system. Garlic and ginger are good preventative measures for cold, flu and infection.

Avoid sugar, as sugar weakens your immune system.

I also believe all the things we have are fungus started and you need to clean out your way to learn how is to watch Doug Kauffman 'Know the Cause'...excellent show on how to rid the body of fungus and candida ...opened up my eyes...i am also juicing..some wonderful remedies for detoxing various parts of the


Last week I got a uti and thwarted it with cranberry pills...but after I stopped taking them the next day the uti came yesterday I tried this remedy and this morning I woke up...peed...NO PAIN! I took a mix of cranberry pills and the vitamin c all day. Im continuing the regemin today but im thinking the vit c really took care of this...knock on wood! Thanks for sharing!


WORKED BEAUTIFULLY :) thanks a million!


20000mg = MEGA squits


I usually get 2-3 bladder infections a year and I always end up at the doctor or in the emergency room because of them. I found this and did it yesterday. I was having the horrible tingley sensations when I would pee or even when I was just sitting there. After the first dose of vitamin c, those went away. I feel much better this morning. I'm hoping that it really did cure the infection and it doesn't come back.


Is this a miracle??? i have spent so much money on antibiotics. Searched online, found this post and started immediately.

i feel as new as a baby! Thank you so much! all the pain and discomfort GONE!!!


I'm in a wheelchair as I'm paraplegic and I get bladder infections all the time. I have a suprapubic catheter (a tube that comes outta the abdomen). My bladder infections are severe as I have antibiotic resistant pseudomonas in my bladder. This vitamin C treatment is fantastic it clears up everything quickly well within 2 days. I've had body aches and chills sad a high fever and all that disappeared pretty fast with the high dose vitamin C.


Can someone answer how long I take the high dose?


The vitamin C used must be the kind with ascorbic acid or rose hips and must be tablet form that you purchase at the drug or health store. This is the most common and basic form of vitamin C. You do NOT want chewable, powder or liquid capsule type


There really is no explanation of why it must be in tablet form

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