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VITAMIN C megadose treatment is safe and works like a dream for the relief of bladder infection as well as clears and heals the infection. A simple urine test will prove that this works as well and much faster than any prescription if you are in doubt. I have used this method numerous times on myself and my dog (with correct dosing for weight) and have never failed to find almost instant relief. It works the same way that most other recommended bladder home remedies do by creating a very acidic environment in the bladder. Bacteria simply cannot survive in this acidic environment and kidneys and bladder are flushed clean when you urinate. The vitamin C used must be the kind with ascorbic acid or rose hips and must be tablet form that you purchase at the drug or health store. This is the most common and basic form of vitamin C. You do NOT want chewable, powder or liquid capsule type. Take 4 single 5000 mg doses of vitamin C every 2 - 2 1/2 hours. Over the course of a 6 - 8 hour period, you will consume 20000 mg of vitamin C. The tablets that I use are 1000 mg tablets, so I take 5 tablets with each dose, for a total of 20 tablets for the day. Some diarrhea is possible with this treatment and is normal and expected, but does not last long. Please share and pass this info along to those that you know who are in pain and are in need of help with bladder infections. It has been such a comfort and relief to me as I have had bladder infections for years and I now no longer have to wait for days in severe pain in order to see a doctor.

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Five Thumbs Up: This completely worked for me! I had so much blood in my urine on Friday I thought I might actually be on my period and have a UTI at the same time and put in a tampon. After it was evident I wasn't on my period, I began aggressively looking online for home remedies since I couldn't see the doctor until Monday. Friday night I took the first 5 1000mg tablets, but I had to go to sleep. When I woke up I began taking 5 about every 2.5 hours. By Saturday evening my urine was clear again. I went to the doctor today (Monday) as planned. My urinalysis came back clear. She was really surprised and said she had expected to find 'something'. She also said she'd heard about women taking Vitamin C but not as much as I had taken. Fortunately though, she said it was harmless as Vitamin C is water-soluble and is flushed through the urine very soon after it's consumed. Good luck to everyone who uses this!


I too, struggle with recurrent uti, that can get severe in a hurry at times. I got to the point the antibiotics weren't working.
I tried the vitamin C and it worked like a charm on my symptoms, but you need to be prepared for intestinal distress. I had to leave work early.
Still, so glad to have something readily available if I need it again!
Thank you


I wanted to tell you how grateful I am for the information on vitamin C for UTI! It absolutely worked! Amazing! The Doctor is getting to be far too expensive! Decided a few years ago not to take anymore Antibiotics! Didn't realize how the infection was affecting me, haven't felt this good in a long while! Thank you so very much, I am so happy & have a new lease on life! :)


It worked! But I had to went through a strong abdominal pain due to the loose stomach and this lasted quite long for me, so I won't try this method next time. I guess it wasn't for me.


I take 2,000mg of the chewable vitamin C every day!! I haven't had a bladder infection in several months!! I was going to the Dr. every other month for almost a year!! I have no idea why you posted NOT the chewable ones! WEIRD! Even my Dr. told me I could use the chewable ones, as I have a hard time swallowing pills.


I have suffered with urine infections for 6yrs now.I have been under a urologist at the hospital and gone through undignified procedures. 2 cystoscopys, 2 ultra scans and uro dynamics twice.They even had me using catheters at night to drain the bladder. Have been on 1 antibiotic a night for 2years and none of it has helped. Twice a month I have had a uti. At 7am today after another awful night of pain and discomfort I decide to try the vitamin c. Ive just had my fourth dose and it is working, it has upset my bowel but I'd rather have that than the pain and discomfort of the uti.


I have read over all the comments and I have tried cranberrie juice and its not working and even triedin creasing everything iI drank threw out the day its its not helping it started to I started not to feel the urge then all of a sudden it stopped working if someone could reply back too me and tell me what it is brand and everything to by and how it works I am willing to try. At this point


Am trying the high dose vitamin c treatment. Started late yesterday but got 3 doses in; today I'll be able to get in all 4 doses. It's gotten better but I can tell there's still a little irritation. Nothing has been mentioned as to how long you use this method until the infection is gone completely? 2 days? A week? It feels better but obviously that doesn't mean it's gone. Does anybody have any ideas on that?


please please please be careful ladies I tried this easter weekend after suffering uti's for 6 years. Brilliant yes it relieves the symptoms but it doesnt clear the bacteria. Two weeks on Ive just had four days of hell with a KIDNEY INFECTION and thought I was dieing, believe me dont risk it get antibiotics clear the infection and then try the vitamin c


I followed this advice and am completely amazed and so very very grateful. Thank you so much.

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