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VITAMIN C megadose treatment is safe and works like a dream for the relief of bladder infection as well as clears and heals the infection. A simple urine test will prove that this works as well and much faster than any prescription if you are in doubt. I have used this method numerous times on myself and my dog (with correct dosing for weight) and have never failed to find almost instant relief. It works the same way that most other recommended bladder home remedies do by creating a very acidic environment in the bladder. Bacteria simply cannot survive in this acidic environment and kidneys and bladder are flushed clean when you urinate. The vitamin C used must be the kind with ascorbic acid or rose hips and must be tablet form that you purchase at the drug or health store. This is the most common and basic form of vitamin C. You do NOT want chewable, powder or liquid capsule type. Take 4 single 5000 mg doses of vitamin C every 2 - 2 1/2 hours. Over the course of a 6 - 8 hour period, you will consume 20000 mg of vitamin C. The tablets that I use are 1000 mg tablets, so I take 5 tablets with each dose, for a total of 20 tablets for the day. Some diarrhea is possible with this treatment and is normal and expected, but does not last long. Please share and pass this info along to those that you know who are in pain and are in need of help with bladder infections. It has been such a comfort and relief to me as I have had bladder infections for years and I now no longer have to wait for days in severe pain in order to see a doctor.

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janet fallows

will have to try this at the moment will try anything I get constant urine infections some leading to kidney infections just had a water test back no infection but I still got his burning bladder pain Im starting to get very depressed ive had lots of tests and stuff its a nightmare/jan

Heidi N

Thank u so much for this info. I new I was getting a UTI. Read your post! I just finished my 3rd dose, I can't believe how much better I feel.


Hello just wanted to add to your post i had been suffering from a uti for two weeks was into the 3rd week and had taken 2 weeks of bactrim with no relief had taken azo pills,drinking cranberry juice and water no relief either, thought i was done for it hurt so bad and the full bladder feeling was getting to be to much was afraid to even go to work,then i found your post on mega dose of vitamin c and thought at this point i'd try anything took 5 1,000 mg then another 5 1,000 2 hrs later it was bed time as i had not been getting much sleep at night i might add because of haveing to get up 6 plus times a night,started the next morning with 5 1,000mg every 2 hrs by 3;00 when i got off work my full bladder felt relief and i have been takeing 4- 1,000mg morning and nite just to be on the safe side don't want this to ever come's been a week today and feeling so much better, i am very greatful for the info that you posted here and hope others who read this will feel better soon with good ol vitiamin c it rocks thanks so much


I would be careful doing this, for I have done research on to much vitamin C can cause other problems such as: cramps, vomiting, insomnia and atrery thickining. They say not to exceed 2,000mg a day?... So do your research:)


so what if u do not have the pain and symtoms but know it'z a bladder , kidney, or BV cause Ive always get them every month done the doc thing WAY to many times. I called today to make an appt but they went up since I have no insurance they want $200 for the visit and thatz just KRAZY !!!!!!!


My UTI came on strong after work last night, when it was too late to go to the doctor. I was too miserable to go to urgent care and was in the bathroom constantly. Two hours and 15 minutes after taking the first dose, the urge to go was gone and the chills were subsiding. I am so grateful that this worked. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!


I just found this post, and I'm trying your recommendations now. I really hope this works, as I am so sick and tired of getting bladder infections!


OMG......THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I posted right before this post saying that I was going to try your Vitamin C suggested and that I hope it would work. It's been 24 hours later, and IT DID WORK! I can't believe I have been struggling with bladder infection for 10 years now, and had never heard of this before. Thank you so much! I feel like I won a million dollars!


I just took my second dose! sure hope this works!!


Hi, thanks for the post. I don't have bladder problem or something like that but I like reading stuffs like this. I think if you only do this once in awhile it's ok. Over dosage of vit c will lead to stone formation BUT there is a vit c that's ok to take in higher dosage, it's sodium ascorbate instead of ascorbic acid. Just sharing, maybe this will help.

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