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Stretch marks are a hugely discriminated topic for most women and men. It can get to the point were you don't even want to go out in public without covering up all of you areas that are plauged with these ugley stretch marks! I was a sufferer of stretch marks before i came up with my home remidie that is very effective for the prevention and removal of stretch marks for little cost to you! heres my remedy: You will need these folloing ingrediants that you can usually just buy at your local good food store or even at walmart!!
- 100% pure cocoa butter (i prefer queen helen products)
- Mineral oil with essental minerals
- vitamin E creme
- 100% Johobo oil
- 100% coconut oil
- lastly organic olive oil
DIRECTIONS: First get a air tight container(I used an old Lotion container)then, add everything to your container , and depending to how much you want, add as much as everything that you think is right. Then mix everything together and it will have sort of a runny consistantsy. Once you make it you should take a hot shower or expholiate with a hot rag, then apply adaquate amounts to your infected areas and rub in a circular motion for a couple minutes, repete once in the morning and once at night.
Hopefully this is helpful!!
it worked really good for me!!! :)

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i am a 20 year old girl and i have underwent a major surgery. i have stretch marks over my waist and even groin. am not allowed to use any ointment as am on medication. any suggetsions??


Does it really work as well as you say? I have them on my upper thigh and my inner thigh. I need to get rid of them before senior week!


yes renee it does work wonders! im cat , the one who posted that remidie and i hhad really bad stretch marks all over my tummy my upper thighs my butt and my hips ! i did this for about a month and it dramatically changed the look of my body ! there almost completely gone and you cant see them unless you LOOK for them! hopefully you try it and it works ! <3 cat


Hi Cat! All those ingredients sound kind of expensive... are they? I would love to get rid of my stretch marks but I'm 16 and kind of on a budget. Cheap but effective is what I need! (Picky I know :) Thanks <3 Emmalee


hi im a basketball u can only guess im in the best shape of my life....ive never lost or gained weight..and it doesnt look like a play basketball...but ive had stretch marks since im like 12...and its really annoying....theyr white...and i have them on my knees which are very very big and prominent...i have them also on my thighs....n im not light or dark...kinda like caramel i dont know what to do...i wasnt able to wear shots since im a kid...please looking for something natural, home remedy for WHITE OLD STRETCH MARKS

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