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Omg, I tried regular blue Dawn on my German Shepherd AND my cat....I could not believe how fast it killed those fleas!! I was in TOTAL SHOCK!!!!!! Now, I don't know how long it will last, but hopefully it'll last for 3 days til payday when I can get their pills from the Vet. But for those on a budget that need a QUICK FIX, blue Dawn soap is an EXTREMELY CHEAP sure fire way to get rid of those fleas....and it cleans your pet too, so you're killing two birds with one stone!!

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kat the flea bitten :(

I wonder if u could use the blue dawn on humans lol i somehow contracted a flea(s) smh! now there biting me like crazy. i sprayed my rabbit with rabbit flea & tick killer today as a preventative measure...even sprayed my bed with the lice killing stuff and i vacuumed my whole house. dont have the borax stuff yet but il get it soon though. :( i need serious help.


They acctually use Dawn in alot of the Groomers. It is wonderful for numerous things.


Mke sure if u go with the pills... U give it with food. Our dogs have bad reactions to the pills. I clouding depression! Who knows what it's doing to their kidneys?!#%*


Dawn is a wonder product. You can also use Baby shampoo.


I have a little seven lb chihuahua and the poor thing has had them severely. I have tried bathing her in a flea shampoo that was given to me, I have dusted her with D-earth, which is natural and is supposed to kill the flea by breaking down it's shell. They are still strong two days later. I bathed her in blue Dawn in the sink and she is still sitting here on my lap chewing at herself like crazy. I am at a complete loss on how to help the poor thing.


Kat, I have a 14 year old rabbit. The vet said I cannot put any chemicals on him. I am thinking of bathing him in blue dawn. Do you think it would be too harsh?

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