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so, i have been suffering with infections off and on in my mouth for almost a year now. and i have been on this site every time my tooth acts up to try some of the remedies. i have tried just about all of them, and only found a couple that work. well they work for me. when your tooth starts to hurt, find some antibiotics, and start on them asap. but if its a flare up like it usually is with me, i take about 1000mg of Tylenol, brush my teeth. rinse with listerine, and eat a peanut butter sandwich with a glass of milk. all of this together will give you a few hours of 100%pain relief. trust me, i just did it. repeat about every 6 to 8 hours. but be careful with the Tylenol. too much will damage your liver and make you sick to your stomach. taking 2 Tylenol would probably be smart to start with. i wish you all luck

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