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I went to a regular doctor had them cut out after he numbed my toe with shots. Didn't work.. they came right back. After suffering for 2 yrs with the ingrown toenail. Finally went to an old school podiatrist. He was very inexpensive. He sprayed on a topical numbing solution.. it felt soo good. Then he cut it out very gently. After he got it out and all was better I thought oh heck it's going to come back again. But, he told me how to keep them from coming back and after 30 yrs it is the ONLY thing that works. He told me to take a small small piece of a cotton ball.. some iodine over the toe or Merthiolate Take the piece of cotton and poke it all down the side of the toe with a toothpick. Poke it in there as far as it can go. The cotton should be all down the side of the toe and pushed into the skin next to the toenail. After you get it in there good.. and it's padded nicely but comfortably, put more iodine or merthiolate over the cotton. Then take some clear nail polish and cover the entire nail and the cotton ect. This will keep it in place and also keep dirt ect out of the area, and keep it dry. I did this nearly every day until the toenail grew back normal and 'relearned' where it needed to grow. It took like 6-9 months but it cost me next to nothing to do.. took maybe 5 mins of my time. Some times I could leave the stuff in a few days if I took my time and did it right. Alot of times I would rush and it would come out like at the end of the day but still did it's job and it worked. I have never had any more problems with the ingrown toenail since doing that 30 years ago. BEST doctor I ever met.

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Hiii I'm having these problems with ingrown toenails
I would like some more information on this article that you have wrote here is my email address my feet have been getting ingrowns I just don't know what to do anymore it's getting worst please if you can email me what you did an what products to buy
Seems like your solutions worked thank you so much hope to hear from you soon


hi i have problems with ingrown toenails as well, so if you could email more information to me at i will be ever so grateful :) thanks so much!


Thank You for the helpful info.i am looking forward to trying this and having the same results.




She may have seen a pediatrist first but my sister has taught all us siblings the same thing and now our nieces do the same thing. I just tear a tiny bit off the tip of a q-tip and roll it up real tight, tuck it in as deep and far as possible, add more if needed. If it hurts too much then remove a little. Change every couple of days as needed until its grown out.


Hi I was wondering if you could email me about more info to this article too. I was also wondering if I needed to put a bandaid over it or just leave it after I put the nail polish over it. I get ingrowns so often...

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