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I was diagnosed w GH about 3months ago, got it from a boyfriend who turned out not to be so faithful. Anyway, since then I have had a hard time dealing with it and have had many breakouts because of the stress. Everywhere, my private areas, inside my mouth. I don't know what to do to keep them from coming back or relieve the pain besides take the acyclovir when I can afford it. Besides less stress, what are your suggestions.

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You need to reduce your stress.
This is what I do which I find helpfull.
L-lysine 1000mg (3x)
Zinc 50mg (3X
Eat 2 clove of garlic
campho-pheqiue and Tylenol paste applied to infected area 2 times a day by day two all discomfort is gone and now day 3 the bump has been reduce. So I didn't get a blister and I really think it it because of this regimen. I would wipe the area with hydrogen peroxide before I apply the paste.


I was diagnosed with HVS2 in December, doctor said that I had catch the virus about 20 years ago before I got married, since I ve been with the same parter for that long. I had an OB every 10 days until the last april, I was prescribed Acyclovir but did not work for me. Then I jump for natural medicine. Since I m coming from a native american family of herbalist, I started a herbal based treatment to aliviate the symptoms. This is what worked for me during the OB. At night before bed, a hot tea of chamomile,valerian root and a small piece of cinnamon stick, do not put sugar in it, you will immediately feel warm and the pain in your body will disappear. Start taking 2caps of Stress B-Complex ( which is composed of 1000mg of vitamin C and vitamin B (Choose Blubonnet brand)daily for 10 days. As a topical treatment for the OB area, boil a small piece of Alumbre Rock (Alumbre kill the virus on top of the skin)and cool it down until it feels warm and with a cotton ball apply to the affected area, let it dry and then apply BalneolĀ® cream for comfort, (you can find the cream in the pharmacy)you will notice that the rash will dissapear in the second day.
Good Luck

Try This Seriously!

Just start drinking peppermint tea everyday and you won't have breakouts hardly at all. Any brand will do...just make sure it's pure peppermint tea. You can sweeten it with either honey or sugar, your choice. Once you start to drink it on a daily basis, you won't hardly see any more breakouts in your mouth nor your genitals....I know b/c I have been drinking peppermint tea for over a year a can count on one hand how many breakouts I have had since I started drinking it. Before, I was breaking out every month 2x a month.

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