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I have HSV-2 i got it from an unfaithful boyfriend. I didnt know i had it until i webt to the emergency room because i was sitting in a hot car in 110° weather in jeans and i could not sit down. That day i discovered i had contracted 2 STDs from him.

My first OB was horrific! I was 19 and i didnt know what was going on because i had seceral other medical issues. I am currently on my 5-6th OB and im 21. I only have one or two sores an OB and they go away pretty quickly. But this one is terrible. Just as soon as the sores look like theyre going away more appear and its driving me crazy. This OB has lasted about 3 weeks.

The only thing i could think about doing for the burning was to put on rubber gloves and cover my sores. And to spray bactine on it but im not sure if its helping to dry it out. Twice a day i soak for about 20min in a hot bath with epsom salt and hydrogen peroxide and several times a day i dap rubbing alcohol on all of my sore. Hopefully this is working and hopefully it works for some of you but thank you for your advice and remedies ill b sure to use some of yours.

God bless you all

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Oh my dear...
Whatever you do... Do NOT sit in a tub, while you have an outbreak. It spreads the outbreak further.
I am 46, and have had herpes since I was 18. I thought my life was over when I found it. However, it wasn't - it just changed a bit.
With research, I have found various remedies that work. None of them should be used on a daily basis. Otherwise, you could do more damage than good.
For a quick, effective, over-the-counter remedy, try Benadryl. Take it at night before you go to bed, so you're not groggy during the day.
It takes about 3 days to knock it all out. But it will help you tremendously.
When you finally decide to have children, make sure and get a doctor or midwife who understands what you're going through, and can help you naturally.
A gentler, vitamin treatment that is especially helpful when you're pregnant (but works always) is a combination dose of L-lysine, zinc and C vitamins: 500mg, 100mg, 500mg. When I was pregnant, I took this mix twice a day, when I had an outbreak. Worked like a charm.
(A regular OBGYN may try to convince you to get a c-section, which is not necessary. C-Sections are only necessary when you have an outbreak at the time of delivery.)
I hope this eases your mind a bit as you look to the future.
And by-the-way... You need to tell your sexual partners, so they can make their own choice. (It certainly makes a person with herpes much more picky about who they're with.)
I hope this helped.


The STD counselor on annoymous herpes dating site Hsoulmate.c om said that You just know that's it's not the end of the world. You will want to date againa nd you will want to have six again. You are worthy of love, and you deserve to be loved! Beleive in your own self worth!! Just remember to be carful and take the necessary precautions, and make sure you tell that man or woman first.

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