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mikey low

My sister came home with a massive sunburn after hanging out with her friend's and was complaining about how bad it i came up with a remedy,that's right i made it I'm guessing you're wondering what the ingredients are and why this loser is talking about his life.ok ,ok I'll tell you...the ingredients are.....lubriderm...WHITE vinegar.....exra virgin olive oil and aloe vera then helps with 4 case's....rough skin, (no the vinegar doesn't hurt)sunburn ,stinging skin and red and/or pink patches....(ages 6 and up) apply 1 time every 30 min's for 4 to 3 time's.....(age of sister 12.....age of brother 11) yes,yes, I'm done....good luck and have fun!!!!!

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You aren't supposed to put an oil on. Use Oatmeal in water or baking powder. NO OIL. And moisturize the are so that it's not dried out. You are less likely to peel if you are moisturized as the sun dried out the skin.
A cool rag dipped in oatmeal water helps. NO ICE! That will shock the skin and your body.
Remain hydrated. Use aloe. It's God's gift to us for the overexposure of the sun! :) Blessings!

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