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I've had herpes for a little over a year. My initial outbreak landed me in the hospital for 4 days. My doctor said it was the worst case she had ever seen. I contracted HSV-1 genitally from oral sex. My fiancé, now husband, had a cold sore... And the rest is history. I've had two more out breaks since and both were absolutely nothing compared to the first. First sign of an outbreak I take Valtrex as prescribed my my doctor. I also take l-lysine, garlic pills, vitamin c, and my daily multivitamin. I do not take Valtrex daily when I'm not experiencing an outbreak, nor do I take lysine because both are damaging to the kidneys. Aside from that I use a Sitz bath with hot water and Domboro. Domboro is like Epsom salt, but I think it works better. Its an antiseptic and it relieves itching and pain. Also It dries out the sores. If I'm really burning or itching I may mix a little tea tree oil, alcohol free aloe Vera, and some Benadryl cream. I apply that to my perineum and it provides cooling relief. Other than that, I just wait for it to heal. Usually clears up in a couple days. Like I said, the two outbreaks I've had since my initial one have been pieces of cake to manage. I'd be careful applying peroxide or bleach to open wounds. I'm an ER RN and those are harsh chemicals that have caused many bad burns to people. Also, if your pregnant, please consult your MD or midwife before taking any supplements. Valtrex is okay and usually given a few weeks before delivery. A lot of herbals have terrible side effects during pregnancy, such as pre-term labor or placental abruption, which can be fatal to baby. So just be careful. Hope this helps.

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Hi....i am experiencing outbreak right now....its the first time.... I thought it was just an allergic reaction to pepsi/coke/chips etc since im allergic to them....i wnt to the doctor and she checked the rashes inside my upper lip....she diagnosed me with herpesviral gingivostomotitis and pharyngitonsillitis (cheliits, vit deficiency)?.....she said its herpes....she gave me a blood test which i did today...awaiting the results but in the mean time my husband and i did a lot of research. The only tht we can think of is i got it off him while he could be immune to a carrier or something. While i have no pain in my genital area and i said so to the doctor....but when i came home i asked my husband to check my private parts. He said i have about two Pimples down there....i am also perioding a week earlier and i have been exposed to high amounts of sunlight, fatigue lately. Even without the results of the blood test i can feel wht i have and the emotional impact of it....its only six months into our marriage,,,,we were hoping to try for a baby within the next months and now i am so sad and scared. So many hopes and dreams :( ....I'd really appreciate if u can tell me how it was for you and how you dealt with you tell people about it or ure just careful about it? I dont know

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