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This comes for someone who had it when she turned 17 and tried lots of things from acupuncture, homeopathic treatments, diets, pills ect ect

I was never really on medication because after a couple of weeks, I needed to increase my dosage. As a result, I was near death and hospitalized a couple of times for 2 weeks. During that time I never gave up even though I was down to 87 pounds (I'm 52) and in so much pain. Overall, you need to be strong mentally, emotionally and physically to get rid of it for good. You are what you eat, but that is only half the equation. For about 3 years I prayed, sometimes every single day, for a few months every minute of the day, I prayed. You have to have faith in God or in yourself or in something. The way I did it was by being present in the moment (although i didnt know it then), meaning that I would concentrate on my body and not think of anything but instead just aware of my body to where it felt like every single cell of my body wanted to be healthy, wanted to be well. So there you go, the spiritual aspect of it.

As for the physical aspect of it, you also have to do a few things while you are sick, and continue to do them for years because the process is not short and sweet. Stop eating dairy. Eat small meals. Rarely eat red meat. Nothing greasy. Only home cooked meals. Plain, plain food! LOL during college, i would come home and eat boil chicken. NOTHING ADDED TO IT! I would sneak in a dab of ketichup sometimes to make it taste better. My only snack (no junk food, no candy, no processed foods) was plain tortilla chips. I would just eat basic foods. Would I be ok... HECK NO. By stick to that diet, it slowly went away. I started having issues in 2003... in 2008 things changed and instead of rarely having good days, I rarely had bad days. 2010, 2011.. no more blood still visible at times. I went through all of this without medication. Sure, I did take natural remedies but not medical pills.
You have to stick with it long term! There is no easy way out. Clam down, appreciate and be thank full for what you have and pray for a health body.
Tea's really helped. As well as Aloe vera... although that tasted terrible and there's different types so you have to make sure you get the right one. I tired a million teas. It's hard to say which one worked. Making the leaves of strawberry's into tea so one that I think worked.

This is all over the place so i apologize for my bad writing. You have to change on the outside and inside, its the only way you will have a chance to get rid of it. On the outside, you have to eat different (did i mention no alcohol), small meals, no condiments, no spicy. Get down to basic food, like chicken, veggies, and fruit. Just a few a time and then add other things and see what works and what doesnt. Granoal was one that killed me as do protein shakes.

It sucked eating that way, so plain. I would put a cookie in my mouth, saver it and then spit it out. Sometimes I would be so sad and tired of it that I would go to Jack in the Box. But overall I did it right. I was in college so luckily I didnt work. When I worked during the summer and ate lunch outside of the home.. thats' when i would get hospitalized (dramatic because i refused pills)

and you have to change on the inside... just be calm, dont stress, roll with the punches, dont take life too seriously. all sounds very easy but its not. some just leave it in the hands of god. other just realize there is no point in getting stressed out in the overall scheme of things because what matters is that you have a chance, you have a choice, you have it within you to change things.

i recently read a new earth and i would recommend that. also the secrete. they all say the same thing which was what i experienced: be present in the moment and thank full.

I remember just being so sad. Being in school was suppose to be fun but I couldnt go out and drink I could go out and eat so I didnt make many friends. So overall my focus was about 100% on getting better. and I would sit at home, on the porch (i live in texas!) or in the living room and just concerntrate and feel how every single cell in my body wanted nothing more than to be health, than to be normal. than to be strong (you get so skinny its hard to have strength, after a shower i was usually so tired). as they say, you can do whatever you set your mind to.

did i fail i lot yes... i started drinking in 2010 so im sure that slowed the process. but usually (since people cant take no for an answer) i would find ways to get rid of my drik.

anyways, another book is called breaking the vicious cycle.

even after my hosptilization, it took over a year to feel like my body was gaining strength. If you know your body, you can tell it takes a bit longer for the insides to heal after a blow.

I do regret not taking my pills more but it was hard to see what did and didnt work when i took them. just please be careful. be strong. it can be done. i made it. there were times when i would just fall and cry cry cry because i wanted it so bad.

my one big big mistake was living in fear once it was going away. i feared food. i relived my sad story in my head. feared going through it again when i was so close to being ok. the book, a new earth talks about that and how you need to not bring up the past or tell yourself your sad story. Just tell your self 'im a health ___' and mean it. Sure I still cant eat some things, but thats fine, I shouldnt be afrid of food or thinking about what happened and living in fear of it happneing again. the past should stay in the past. so once you get to teh point where you getting better, dont make my mistake.

hope this helps someone.

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To the previous comment, you are such a good human in poking fun at a disease. I suffer from colitis as well and have had issues even when 100% taking meds and doctor advice. Go back in your hole!

Just Me and my UC

To the first person who commeted and said she was anorexic, first of all not all of us can take meds and feel great! Ok you must not have colitis as bad as some people. Some people have pancolitis and that's when it's all over your Colon like me. I'm a chef have my degree and all, I love food cooking and eating but guess what I'm afraid to eat because when I do it comes right out. Now who are you to call people anorexic?! No one asked for this! Some people just have it worse then others. Some people chose not to take medication. Guess what?! Some people can't afford medication like you obviously can! How dare you come on here and try to belittle someone?! Let's say this person is anorexic...... That's a hell of a way to help them out A hole! So you go ahead back to you place and continue taking your meds and feeling 'great' wish you luck and hope your feel Great about your self now!! To the person who started this thank you very much your post was very help for. I wish everyone well


I have read there is to read on IBD and every other yet of colon inflammation information. I have been battling stomach problems since puberty but over 3 years ago at 32 I started having all of the colitis symptoms and 3 GI's later and with over 30 pounds that I have lost there is still no definate diagnosis. I have been told I have 'Functional' bowel disease except I cannot function with these flare up's. I have been told I am too stressed and it's all in my head but they see the colon inflammation on CT's and colonoscopies but still say it isn't IBD. Thousands of dollars later out of my pocket for medical treatment that has not treated anything and now I have decided to take matter's into my own hands. I am not eating gluten or drinking milk. This is starting to help, I believe since the pain is now tolerable but I am still feeling so weak. I have tested negative for Celiac disease but I believe I have a wheat intolerance. All the tests have been negative for IBD except the CT and colonoscopies have only showed inflammation without ulcers. Has anyone out there had this experience? I feel helpless and that this will never be figured out b/c I don't fall into any one category. All I know is that I have been suffering for a couple of year's with colitis, weight loss, diarrhea with blood in the past(blamed on C. Diff. Bacteria), and a lot of horrible pain/nausea.
Please help!


And to that insensitive comment from that jerk who call someone with a serious illness an anorexic, your God does not love YOU for saying such horrible words to someone. You are the opitomy of human being! Shame on YOU!


The first guy who commented is clueless about the disease. This is serious and terrible disease, I have been fighting for last 14 years. Lately, its giving me hard time, i understand this disease to some extend. I tried stem cells by Pfizer, guess what, my symptoms worsened three folds. It's terrible. There is no turning back, i cannot undo the damage the stem cell has caused to my body. I am in a helpless situation. I have to help myself and find a way out in this miserable existence. Common denominator among the entire Crohn's and Colitis patient is enormous suffering. If you don’t experience this, please shut up.


Thank you for your story. It is important to be reminded about stress and how that affects us. Also, after years of this coming back and staying longer each time, it is a real drag to have to stop eating most everything and go back to that plain boiled chicken yet again. But anything is better than the constant growling uncomfortable gut. I have collagenous colitis, haven't found any real remedy yet, lost every bit of extra weight, not because I wanted to. It's definitely not about a desire to be thin - that's just stupid. My next step is to learn about herbal remedies and try to learn how to not let stress take over. Thank you.

foreveradmiring...god bless

I dont have colitis but i love ur adittude my mom has colitis i see her struggle and i wanted to help .u make me relize just how stronge u need to be to fight the pain it makes me look at my mom as an even stronger amazing person she also suffers from multiple scoliosis (curves in the spine...bad pain)all her life.i wish is wasnt so ruff on her but ive grown to admire the strength in a sufferer i admire u all....stay stronge and god bless .....I LOVE MY MOM SHES AMAZING!!!!!


Thank you for sharing your story. I relate to almost every part - I was diagnosed at 18 and I went down to 92 lbs over the years. You have an inner strength and sense of perseverance that I admire. This is 8 for me, it's hard to see past each day, but, like you I try to live in the moment and see the best in all circumstances.

Lady Lovebutt

Hi, I realize this is an old post but maybe someone can be helped today by the things we have learned about ulcerative colitis. I love the way many of you rallied honorably for the original author. I thought the message was very honest and helpful and agreed the name calling was pitiful.

OK, what we learned: Aloe vera (even the $7 gallon at Walmart from TX growers) is very important for internal healing. Drink as much as you can every day. Obtain or grow fresh leaf Aloe Vera and fillet the leaves if you can. Also blend aloe with distilled water for 4 - 8 oz enemas and hold as long as you can to flood the colon to help it heal. Do this especially after a BM. Drink Aloe juice as a 50/50 with organic apple juice night and day. Add vitamin C powder to it (1000mg.) We also found the slim aloe drinks in green plastic bottles(1$) are great if you save an empty one, pour half a full one into it and then fill both with pure Aloe. Still tastes good and lots more aloe vera in it to heal you with.

Some things that help manage pain and inflammation.

Look up 7 natural painkillers: 1. DLPA 2. DMSO oral and external (NOT enemas) 3. Curcumin 4. Digetacure 5. White willow 6. Bromelain 7. Vitamin E SUCCINATE


Yea no I don’t think I wanna die not being able to eat delicious food I’ll just stick to being sick and dealing with it then to not be able to eat

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