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A retired nurse told me to put a bar of soap, like motel soap, between the bottom sheet and the mattress to stop leg cramps or charlie horses. It is amazing, but it works!

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Keep a bar of Kirk's Castile, or any hard milled soap in the bed now! Had terrible leg cramps only good nights sleep!!


give me a break-stupid


My Dad tried this. I asked if next time the car needed an oil change if he would just slip a bar of soap under a wheel.

Janet Turner

I have done that and it has worked for years. I wonder if I need to put fresh soap and change the other out. I have changed it in the past but maybe that will help. I haven't done it in awhile!! Thanks for the tip.


Yes that soap does work. Mother swore by it.

Christine N

Was sceptic when I read this on on line 6 months ago. Tried it and never had cramps since. I put bar of soap ( can be any kind ) into a cotton sock and tie neck up, keep

Near your feet. Change every 4 to 6 weeks as it dries out. Just been sat all morning and got cramp in toes so I cut a sliver of soap of a bar and put in my sock, 30 seconds, cramp gone. All you people laughing at this, next time you have cramp try it. Then tell all other sufferers.

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